Make it Right Foundation

9th Ward
7:00 am
Wed July 17, 2013

Solar Power Flourishing In Lower Ninth Ward

The Global Green project in the Lower Ninth Ward's Holy Cross neighborhood kicked off a solar power trend.
Credit Eileen Fleming / WWNO

The Lower Ninth Ward tops the list of city neighborhoods using solar power. Environmental groups say solar panels are going up on all sorts of homes.

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Make it Right Foundation
6:00 am
Mon July 16, 2012

First Frank Gehry House Debuts in Louisiana at Make it Right in Lower Ninth Ward

Frank Gehry designed the latest home in the Make it Right neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward.
Erin Krall

The first home designed by architect Frank Gehry for the Make it Right Foundation has debuted in the Lower Ninth Ward. The lavender and pink duplex reflects a simplicity from his early career.

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7:35 am
Tue March 13, 2012

Brad Pitt Reaffirms Commitment to Make it Right and New Orleans

Brad Pitt took some time away from planning his A-list fundraiser for the Make it Right housing project he founded in the Lower Ninth Ward to give an update to WWNO’s Eileen Fleming. In Part 2 of the interview, Pitt continues with his thoughts about the long-term goals of the energy-efficient designs he champions, and if he sees any signs of Katrina fatigue among donors still needed to finish the plan.

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