The Reading Life
1:35 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

The Reading Life With Lisa Howorth And Maggie Collins

This week on The Reading Life: Square Books co-founder Lisa Howorth, whose first novel is Flying Shoes, and debut novelist Maggie Collins, author of Celestial Blue Skies.

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The Reading Life
1:45 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

The Reading Life With Joseph Boyden And Gwen Florio

This week on The Reading Life:  Canadian/New Orleanian novelist Joseph Boyden, whose new book The Orenda, won the Canada Reads competition. The Orenda illuminates a period in the 17th century when Jesuit missionaries came to the Canadian wilderness to convert the natives of the New World.

We'll also talk with mystery novelist and Pinckley Prize winner Gwen Florio, whose new entry in the Lola Wicks series is Dakota.

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Northshore Focus
5:04 pm
Sun November 24, 2013

Northshore 'Kids Wanna Help' — So They Launch A Network Of Nonprofits

What happens when very motivated adolescents decide they want to help better their community, but they’re not satisfied with how kids fit into the current non-profit scene? In the case of two Northshore teenagers, they simply started their own.

15-year-old Beverly Brown co-founded Kids Wanna Help, a group designed to encourage Northshore youth to become involved with non-profits and charitable giving. Their mission began with a fashion show.

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