Gary Nabhan

Louisiana Eats!
6:38 pm
Wed August 3, 2011

Hot Chef, Hot Pepper, Hot Climate

We hope you'll enjoy another scorching edition of Louisiana Eats!

Pepper Vinegar

1 pint of small, hot peppers
1 pint of cider vinegar

Put the peppers in a clean, glass bottle. Fill with vinegar and screw the top on tightly. Store the pepper vinegar in a cool, dark place for at least a week before using.

Use as a condiment as desired.

***This pepper vinegar improves with age and can be renewed by periodically adding more vinegar to the bottle. It is not necessary to add more peppers.

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Louisiana Eats!
9:32 pm
Wed August 25, 2010

Katrina Remembrance and City of Gastronomy

Poppy Tooker talks with Leah Chase about recovering after Katrina and the exciting news from Gary Nabhan about New Orleans being proposed to be the City of Gastronomy.

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