Felder Rushing

Louisiana Eats!
5:00 am
Thu June 20, 2013

'Table Talk' From The Delta And 'Good Eggs' From The Bay

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Many people within the culinary scene of New Orleans are not originally from here. Leah Chase calls them "foreigners." We'll hear from several of those "foreigners" on this week's Louisiana Eats!

Writer Julia Reed joins us to talk about her early years in the Mississippi Delta, her travels around the world, and her home in the Crescent City. We'll also hear about a new program coming to New Orleans called Good Eggs, which connects people together online so they can source their food locally.  

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Louisiana Eats!
6:18 pm
Wed January 11, 2012

The Family, the Land, and the Tradition

Poppy speaks with Brazilian-born Ana Riehlmann about self-publishing her cookbook, traces Gulf Coast history with Felder Rushing, and learns about a contest taking place during Carnival season.

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