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7:17 am
Thu May 21, 2015

Federal Scientists Link Dolphin Die-offs To BP Spill

Map of dolphin and other cetacean strandings in the Gulf of Mexico.

Federal scientists have linked a spike in deaths of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico to the BP oil spill off the Louisiana coast. Environmental groups are calling on BP to stop fighting the findings and reach an agreement for restoration.

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Listening Post NOLA
4:15 pm
Wed May 20, 2015

Listening Post Question Of The Week: Do You Agree With Louisiana Politicians On Climate Change?

Scientists predict more hurricanes as a result of climate change, but some politicians doubt the link.
Jesse Hardman

Recently Louisiana senators David Vitter and Bill Cassidy signed a letter asking that FEMA eliminate the requirement that states address climate change in disaster planning to receive federal funding. Read the full letter here

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7:29 am
Tue May 19, 2015

The Termite Swarms Are Back

Formosan termites.
masuti Shutterstock.com

For the next few weeks, Formosan termites can be seen swarming around street lights, business lights — even headlights. The annual mating season is under way.

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Coastal Desk
12:29 am
Mon May 18, 2015

An Art/Science Mashup Births 'Microscopic Sirens'

A screenshot of the a view under the microscope of the microorganisms existing in a water sample taken from Blind River.
Credit Tim McLean

What happens when you put an artist and a scientist in the same boat? The local artist residency ‘A Studio In The Woods’ aimed to find out, with their new fellowship "Flint and Steel: Cross-disciplinary Combustion". It matches artists with Tulane University faculty to explore social and environmental change through art.

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Coastal Desk
7:04 am
Fri May 15, 2015

New Orleans Planners Talk About Zoning And New Vision For Water Management

Article 23 of the new comprehensive zoning ordinance

The New Orleans City Council just passed the first new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance in 40 years. One part of the ordinance, Article 23, mandates a more “green” approach to water in the city — specifically, all the extra water we get from heavy rain and storms.

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3:03 am
Thu May 14, 2015

Fiscal Notes Can Be Fatal

Did you know a piece of paper could kill? Natchitoches Rep. Kenny Cox found that out Wednesday, when the fiscal note for his HB 590 was delivered just a few minutes before its hearing in the House Natural Resources Committee.

Cox’s bill would require industrial plants to install air quality monitors along their fence lines.

“This bill is about safety: safety for the people who live along the fence lines,” Cox said in explanation of the proposed law.

Before too much testimony on the bill was given, Houma Rep. Joe Harrison advised Cox that the estimated state cost for implementing the bill – the fiscal note – was going to be the real issue.

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Community Impact
6:31 am
Tue May 12, 2015

Wetland Resources Invents Ways To Save Coastline Faster

Gary Shaffer repairs Wetland Resource's tree nursery.
Eve Abrams

Wetland Resources plants hurricane resistant trees to protect Louisiana’s coastline.

Demetra Kandalepas is a senior scientist at Wetland Resources. We’re on the way to visit their bald cypress and tupelo nursery. It’s in the middle of a marsh. We drive down a muddy path next to a huge, raised pipe.

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7:06 am
Mon May 11, 2015

Appeals Court Sends Dead Zone Ruling Back To Federal Judge

2014 Gulf of Mexico hypoxia readings.
Credit NOAA

A federal judge has been ordered to review his decision on the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Red River Radio
9:12 am
Thu May 7, 2015

Shreveport-area smog level within limits, but tougher EPA standards could be challenging

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality senior scientist Vivian Aucoin gave tips to middle school students about improving air quality following her presentation at the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce.

The Shreveport area’s ozone level is in compliance with federal air quality standards today, but that could change in October when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to come out with stricter compliance rules as part of the Clean Air Act.

A senior scientist with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality visited Shreveport Wednesday to present an overview of air quality in a four-parish area, including Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto and Webster parishes.

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Coastal Desk
9:42 am
Thu April 30, 2015

Recycled Christmas Trees Used To Build Up Land In Bayou Sauvage

The bundles of christmas trees waiting to be deployed.
Laine Kaplan-Levenson WWNO

Who's still thinking about Christmas in spring? The New Orleans Department of Sanitation, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Guard. This generation-long partnership comes together for the annual Christmas tree drop. Christmas trees are picked up curbside after the new year, packaged into bundles, and dropped via helicopter into a local wetlands area to build back land mass. The National Guard uses it as a training exercise, and the nearby wildlife refuge Bayou Sauvage gets a coastal restoration project.

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