New Orleans, LA – For more information about Diane Ravitch, visit her website.


New Orleans, LA – For more information about Diane Ravitch, visit her website.


New Orleans – Andre Perry discusses how education should be considered the new sexy.

New Orleans, LA – Several nationally renown keynote speakers shared insight and fostered debate about local school systems during a conference at the University of New Orleans. Angela Taylor attended one of the group sessions to discuss leadership.

New Orleans, LA – In December the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education will make a decision about the state's continued governance over New Orleans' Public Schools. The recommendation was made by Superintendent Paul Pastorek, who is now facing a growing opposition. Angela Taylor reports.

New Orleans, LA – Time magazine has called New Orleans, "The Greatest Education Lab" in America. The city's multi-level reforms are often cast as the biggest education experiment ever seen in a major US city. So, are these reforms improving the city's academic performance?

New Orleans, LA – Louisiana has begun a formalized process that considers whether or not to return some of state run public schools to the Orleans Parish School Board. WWNO's Angela Taylor reports.

New Orleans, LA – The University of New Orleans recently hosted the Education Reforms Research Conference. One of the conference's keynote speakers sat down with WWNO's Angela Taylor to discuss public education reforms taking shape in New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses if the public schools in New Orleans should be returned to the control of the Orleans Parish School Board.

New Orleans, LA – In the five years since Hurricane Katrina, public education in New Orleans has radically changed. The state-run recovery school district took over the vast majority of the city's public schools and has transformed most of those schools into privately run charters. In the first of an ongoing series for WWNO, Angela Taylor presents a portrait of how students are faring within the new system.