New Orleans, LA – Angela Taylor introduces a special New Orleans Public School student.

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New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses the New World edition of Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

Andre Perry contemplates National Mentoring Month.

Dr. Andre Perry is the Associate Dean of the UNO College of Education and CEO of the Capital One-UNO Charter Network.

Quilts for the Holidays

Dec 24, 2010

Andre Perry compares holiday family bonding with quiltmaking.

Andre Perry and Robeson

New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry, Ph.D. discusses the lesson learned from his newborn son.

New Orleans, LA – Last week, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved state superintendent Paul Pastorek's governance plan for RSD-run schools. Angela Taylor reports on the details of the plan and what it means for New Orleans' Public School System.

New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses the process of selecting charter school operators.

New Orleans, LA – Last week we heard the story of Noah Fischer and his mother's struggles to get her special need's son a public education in New Orleans. This week, in the second of a two-part story, Angela Taylor reports on what the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools responses are to this issue.

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New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses the impact of declining Catholic school enrollment on the public school system in New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA – Last month a federal lawsuit was filed against the Louisiana Department of Education on behalf of New Orleans' special education students. In the first of a two-part report, exploring the details behind the suit, WWNO's Angela Taylor tells the story of one its plaintiffs.