New Orleans, LA – Dr. Andre Perry discusses budget cuts in education.

New Orleans, LA – The 2011 New Orleans Parents' Guide to Public Schools has arrived. WWNO's Angela Taylor introduces the producers of this important resource for parents.

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New Orleans, LA – Dr, Andre Perry discusses a need to return to teaching for creativity instead of test-taking.

New Orleans, LA – In an effort to highlight the success and innovation happening in local public schools, WWNO has initiated a series of profiles on them. In our first installment, producer Angela Taylor brings us an inside look at Abramson Science and Technology Charter School.

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New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses hunger and its impact on learning.

New Orleans, LA – Local early childhood education advocates are closely monitoring the budget battle shaping up between the Obama Administration and House Republicans' vastly different funding philosophies for the nation's Head Start program. At the same time, Louisiana's highly praised L-A-4 pre-k program lingers in limbo, under-funded and, therefore, under-utilized. Angela Taylor takes a closer look at what this means for New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA – Debate has been sparked in the wake of Governor Jindal's announcement to seek a study on the potential merger of UNO and SUNO. Angela Taylor reports on how some of the discussion is taking shape.

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New Orleans, LA – For the past month, the Recovery School District has hosted public meetings throughout New Orleans to get feedback on its revised school facilities assignment lists. Angela Taylor reports on what's at stake.

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New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses the problem of pregnancy in the schools.

New Orleans, LA – Andre Perry discusses lessons learned from the Arizona shooting.