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Louisiana Eats!
12:39 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

Know Your Fisherman: Louisiana Direct Seafood Mends A Forgotten Relationship

A series of technological advancements in the past decade has allowed Louisiana fishermen to sell their catches directly to the public, thereby eliminating middlemen and putting more money in their pockets.
Credit Flickr_Llee Wu / Flickr

On this week's edition of Louisiana Eats! we hear about a new program developed by LSU that allows consumers the opportunity to buy fresh catches directly from our state's fishermen.

Then we'll visit the kitchen of GW Finns to speak with Chef Tenney Flynn about safely handling seafood before it hits the pan.

And you’ll want to hear about the secret ingredient Ryan Hughes received from one of his hip friends in California. Here’s a hint: it had to be sent through the mail in an airtight container.

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