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3:21 pm
Tue March 9, 2010

Community IMPACT Series: Literacy Alliance, March 9, 2010

Community Impact
3:20 pm
Fri January 8, 2010

Broad Community Connections

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Broad Community Connections, Jan. 5, 2010

Take a spin around Broad Street, and it's impossible to miss the commercial corridor's mix of new business and lingering blight. But what the founders of Broad Community Connections see is vast potential. They see the nexus of several large projects poised to open new opportunities here.

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Community Impact
4:04 pm
Tue December 29, 2009

Good Work Network

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Good Work Network Dec. 29, 2009

For Thomas Brown, the path to becoming a small business owner began at the top of a short ladder and at the butt of a hurtful prank. This was about two years ago, when the New Orleans native was working as a driver for a waste management company. After eight years on the job, he was hungry to advance, so he asked his supervisor for advice on how to move up. Here's how Brown remembers his supervisor's response:

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Community Impact
4:03 pm
Wed December 23, 2009

Covenant House

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Covenant House Gardens Dec. 8, 2009

Homeless young people and runaways learn lessons of survival on their own. But to transition to mainstream society, to get on the path to healthy adult lives, they need to develop different skills and have different experiences than what they knew on the streets.

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Community Impact
3:37 pm
Wed December 23, 2009


Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, Dec. 22, 2009

With so many components of New Orleans public schools in flux these days, a group of students is bringing one more issue to the table: their own voices. These young people are part of the nonprofit group Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools, and they're adding the perspectives, concerns and innovative ideas of actual students to the ongoing effort to recast a long-troubled school system. Their message is different, and so are these messengers.

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Community Impact
3:30 pm
Wed December 23, 2009

Lead Lab

Dr. Howard Mielke, President of Lead Lab

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Lead Lab, Dec. 15, 2009

You can't see lead contamination in urban soils, but its impact on individuals and a community is indelible.

Dr. Howard Mielke is a research professor at the Tulane University and president of the nonprofit Lead Lab. He's been studying the issue for more than 30 years, and his early research on childhood lead poisoning in inner cities helped highlight the need to remove lead from gasoline. Here's Dr. Miekle:

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Community Impact
4:27 pm
Sat December 5, 2009

United Houma Nation

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: United Houma Nation Dec. 1, 2009

Dana Solet is a 21-year-old Louisiana State University student, majoring in communications. Her passion, however, is history, particularly the history of her family and the elders of the United Houma Nation, the Indian tribe of which she is part. That's why, as often as she can, she travels from campus life in Baton Rouge back to her hometown, the tiny bayou village of Dulac. She comes back to listen and to learn.

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Community Impact
4:20 pm
Mon November 23, 2009

Youth Empowerment Project

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Youth Empowerment Project Nov. 19, 2009

For many young New Orleanians, growing up means maneuvering an environment of pervasive poverty, violence, illiteracy, drugs and bleak personal economic prospects. These are the kids commonly dubbed "at risk," and often they find very little help or guidance at home.

But the local nonprofit Youth Empowerment Project helps fill that void of support, and demonstrates that risks needn't become devastating realities.

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Community Impact
3:56 pm
Mon November 16, 2009

Sweet Home New Orleans

New Orleans, LA – Community IMPACT Series: Sweet Home New Orleans - Nov. 12, 2009

New Orleans already had a taste of what life here would be like without music in our performance halls or ringing through our streets.

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10:23 am
Wed December 31, 2008

Anti-violence street vigil

Pastor John Raphael Jr. of the New Hope Baptist Church has been preparing his New Year's Eve sermon while holding a vigil at South Claiborne Avenue and Felicity Street. 

Pastor Raphael had thought his three-day fast and anti-violence vigil would be a solitary experience. But his signs calling for and end to the city's killings have drawn supporters to his encampment on the neutral ground. He chose the spot for its memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King.

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