Andre Perry Commentary
5:00 pm
Fri September 28, 2012

Battle Rap

The deadline for voter registration for this year’s elections is Tuesday, October 9. Have you registered?

Regrettably, political and legal battles over voter identification laws compel me to ask, "Have you registered correctly?"

“One percent rapper” Nikki Minaj proclaimed that she intended to vote for Mitt Romney, but later a charged public discovered that darling Nikki hasn’t registered to vote. We’ll chalk that up as an oversight. However, several rappers have made it clear that they’re not voting.

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Legislators Back to School Program
3:10 pm
Wed September 26, 2012

Lawmakers start heading back to school this week

Louisiana lawmakers are heading into classrooms starting this week, as part of the national Legislators Back to School Program.

Started in 1999, the program encourages lawmakers to spend a day visiting classrooms to tell students what it's like to be an elected official. The program is an initiative of the National Conference of State Legislators.

The Times-Picayune reports that lawmakers will begin stopping by classrooms this week and continue to participate in the program throughout the year.

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8:12 am
Tue September 25, 2012

Community Impact Series: Idea Village Water Challenge

When healthy, Louisiana wetlands absorb and hold carbon from the atmosphere.
Ian McNulty

A new tool to channel private investment into wetlands restoration is one example of how the Idea Village and its Water Challenge are helping turn vexing problems into promising opportunities.

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8:48 am
Fri September 21, 2012

Fort Polk ceremony honors POWs & MIAs

The POW/MIA flag is flying at Fort Polk.

The Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk have a Friday morning ceremony to honor prisoners of war and service members missing in action. It culminates with a motorcycle ride led by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Since 1979, the third Friday in September has been a national day to recognize U.S. service members who were held prisoner or remain missing, and their families.

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11:51 am
Thu September 20, 2012

$1M donated to help homeless vets

The Department of Veterans Affairs is giving $1 million to a nonprofit that helps homeless veterans in northeast Louisiana.

The funds will go to the Wellspring Alliance for Families Inc., a group based in Monroe that provides housing for homeless veterans.

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., says the money comes from a VA program that seeks to help veterans who are in the most need of aid — such as women with children, those from American-Indian tribes and those with drug addiction and mental health problems.

Around the Nation
10:16 am
Thu September 20, 2012

Has Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Changed Military?

Originally published on Thu September 20, 2012 1:21 pm



I'm Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE, from NPR News. You might have heard us mention our Twitter Education Forum that we'll be hosting in Miami next month. We'll tell you more about that a little later.

But education is very much on our minds, so today, we're also going to talk more about some troubling new numbers showing that the high school graduation rates for black and Latino boys is lagging. We want to find out more about why. We'll talk about that a little later.

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Election 2012
10:16 am
Thu September 20, 2012

Is 'Tough On Crime' No Longer A Talking Point?

Originally published on Thu September 20, 2012 1:21 pm

There's a growing bipartisan consensus that criminal justice policy needs to change, because of the costs and social consequences of keeping more than 2 million Americans behind bars. Host Michel Martin discusses the parties' platforms on criminal justice with the Sentencing Project's Marc Mauer and Marc Levin of the group Right On Crime.

8:15 am
Tue September 18, 2012

Community Impact Series: McCaleb Supportive Housing Program

In Central City, not far from the Superdome, a supportive housing program is providing stability, compassion and hope for chronically homeless people as they rebuild their lives.

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2:15 pm
Sun September 16, 2012

New Delta Community College program targets growth of middle class

Louisiana Delta Community College is launching a campaign aimed at growing the middle class in the impoverished Delta country parishes of northeast Louisiana.

The News-Star reports the goals of the Delta Compact — the name given to the marketing, education and development campaign — are to increase the high school graduation rate in the three parishes to 70 percent, increase college attendance among graduating seniors to 50 percent, reduce the unemployment rate and increase access to the Internet.

Andre Perry Commentary
5:19 pm
Fri September 14, 2012

Infighting at the Justice League

Stakeholders on all sides of the Chicago teachers’ strike trumpeted the phrase “civil rights” so much that it became hard to see who’s fighting for what. Beyond the strike, how many times do you hear advocates start a petition with, “The civil rights issue of the 21stcentury is [insert concern here]?"

It’s downright trendy to root for civil rights. But since we apparently solved for racism, what exactly is the most pivotal injustice that keeps citizens from realizing their full potential?

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