Louisiana French Road Signs Approved

May 15, 2014
Paul Henman

Drivers in Louisiana could soon see French on road signs when they are traveling across the state, the Advocate is reporting.

House Bill 998 allows individual parishes to use bilingual signage if they choose . The legislature gave the bill final approval Thursday and sent it to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

If it passes, parishes would be able to display terms in both English and Louisiana French, and request French signage along federal highways within parish boundaries.

A bill making its way through the Louisiana Legislature would let Cajun citizens celebrate their ancestry by customizing their driver's license, adding the phrase "I'm a Cajun" below their photograph.

It would cost $5 to add the message; the money would go toward "scholarships distributed by the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, a program promoting French language and culture in the state," reports