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Google announced two new Nexus phones (among other things) Tuesday, but despite some impressive specs and a nice looking version of Android, the company is (mostly) clinging to a pricing model that buyers in the U.S. just don’t seem to want.  

If you want Google's Project Fi, the experimental (and still invite-only) WiFi-based wireless service Google started offering in April, you can apparently finance a Nexus phone for 24 months. That alone is notable, as it suggests that phone pricing has irrevocably changed. 

Group of colleges creates its own admissions app

12 hours ago
Sally Herships

Applying to college is like the high school version of doing your taxes. But it is also stressful for the schools themselves. Like recently, when there were major tech problems with the common application. 

Jeff Alderson is a principal analyst with, a research and advisory firm focused on higher education. He said the glitches were especially problematic for elite institutions.

Marketplace for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

12 hours ago

A coalition of colleges aims to reinvent the college application process; former Labor Secretary Robert Reich tries to "save" capitalism; and indicators suggest more young people are entering the market for first homes. 

Business Insider wins a $343 million investment

12 hours ago
Nova Safo

The German media giant Axel Springer said Tuesday it has paid $343 million to acquire almost all of the U.S. news site Business Insider.

The Berlin-based company, which already operates multiple newspapers and websites in Europe, said the acquisition expands its digital audience to almost 200 million users. Business Insider (which syndicates Marketplace content) is now valued at $390 million — up from $100 million last year. The site has a monthly unique audience of 76 million, according to Axel Springer.

Ralph Lauren steps down as CEO of company

14 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal

Ralph Lifshitz — better known, perhaps, as Ralph Lauren — announced Tuesday that he's going to step down as CEO of his eponymous company.

He's been doing that job for 48 years.

I've only been doing this one for 10, and I'll tell you what: more power to him. 

Young buyers want to live in the 'burbs

14 hours ago
Mitchell Hartman

The housing market is slowly gaining strength after the ravages of the Great Recession. Home prices are rising across the country, and both home sales and housing starts are up year-over-year. Home-builders are gradually gaining confidence, in part because of anticipated growth in the first-time homebuyer market.

Push to lift ban on crude oil exports gains steam

15 hours ago
Tracey Samuelson

The U.S. House of Representatives may be close to a vote on a bill that would eliminate a ban on exporting crude oil that has been in place for 40 years now. Those export restrictions were a reaction to the 1973 oil embargo by OPEC – the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Robert Reich is trying to save capitalism

17 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal

Because we are already well into the election season, we're going to keep hearing about our economic system, and the wonders and the downfalls of capitalism. 

The latest book from Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton and a former regular commentator on this show, is all about that. In his book "Saving Capitalism: for the Many, Not the Few," Reich argues that the rules of the game should be tweaked to help fight against economic inequality. 

Kim Adams

It’s that time in the election cycle when candidates start trotting out their plans to fix the tax code. Most everybody would agree U.S. tax laws are complicated, and the handful of candidate plans' released so far promise to streamline and minimize taxes, but are otherwise light on details.

Presidential campaigns love calling for tax reform, but those promises haven’t often translated in to policy changes. If you are losing revenue by lowering taxes, it’s got to come from somewhere — or someone. 

PODCAST: Healthcare on Capitol Hill

22 hours ago
David Brancaccio

On today's show, we'll talk about Aetna and Anthem's appearance on Capitol Hill  today; more on news that Cargill will wind down its hedge fund arm; and how some VW customers feel in light of the recent emissions scandal.