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Louisiana Eats!
12:50 pm
Fri January 30, 2015

Home Cooking: Black Pots & Beyond

Ryan Trahan of Dark Roux in Lafayette prepares cracklings at the Blackpot Festival & Cookoff.
Christina Walsh

In Louisiana, home cooking requires a lot of artisanal skill. Whether it’s spending hours in the kitchen laboring over a pastry or hours alongside a black pot perfecting a roux, the Pelican State’s best foods are often labors of love. That’s what we’ll discover as we tour the state for our latest edition of Louisiana Eats!

In Shreveport we’ll meet with Scott Roebuck and Lizz Bowen, owners of Sevendipity, an up and coming restaurant in the Highlands neighborhood. We’ll learn how Scott’s self-taught cooking technique led him to create Louisana’s answer to the cronut.

We’ll also meet dozens of talented chefs at the Blackpot Festival & Cookoff held annually in Lafayette’s Acadian Village. This gathering of south Louisiana musicians and cooks draws in more and more attendees each year with its come-one, come-all hospitality and generosity of spirit. We’ll hear how community outweighed all the competition at this year’s cook off. And stir your appetite for roux, rice, and gumbo with author Stanley Dry. From North to South, we’ve got a real taste of the state.

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4:25 pm
Thu October 25, 2012

Where Y'Eat: When Cajun Cooks Compete

Cracklin's and jack-o'-lanterns at the French Food Festival.
Credit Ian McNulty

Two food-focused festivals tempt road trips with bayou-style "French" dishes and Cajun cast iron cooking.

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