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This week on The Reading Life: Susan talks with Victor Harris, Rachel Breunlin, and JeffreyEhrenreich, creators of the beautiful book, “Fire in the Hole: The Spirit Work of Fi-Yi-Yi and the Mandingo Warriors.”

The Singing District Attorney: An Oral History

May 18, 2018
The Historic New Orleans Collection


The family and friends of the famous usually find themselves watching in the wings, but not Harry Connick Sr. Once the district attorney for Orleans Parish, Mr. Connick Sr. found a new kind of spotlight when his son, Harry Connick Jr. began inviting him onstage at shows around the country. This NOLA Life Stories interview with Harry Connick Sr. looks back at a few of those moments.

American Routes Shortcuts: Robert Finley

May 18, 2018
Robert Finley
American Routes

At 65 years old, Robert Finley is finally getting his due. After serving in an Army band, working as a carpenter, and busking, Robert’s talents were discovered in 2015 by Music Maker Relief Foundation. He released a debut album, “Age Don’t Mean a Thing.” He later connected with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, who produced the next one, “Goin’ Platinum.” Robert Finley took us back to his youth in Winnsboro, Louisiana.

Robert Finley: My dad was a sharecropper so I picked my share of cotton. You know, we were poor but we didn’t know it. It was a happy poor.

This week on Inside the Arts, we celebrate the city's 300th Anniversary with a Tricentennial Rag. Jazz clarinetist and composer Dr. Michael White is back with a new CD.

I Will Be Your Father Figure

May 14, 2018
CJ Hunt
Photo by Braden Moran

Adrianne McGillis’ father's favorite joke lands him in the hospital.

CJ Hunt reflects on mix-tapes and memories from his past.

Blessing Digha fears she has fallen short of her father’s expectations.

This week on The Reading Life: Susan talks with book artists Jessica Peterson and Yuka Petz about the upcoming opening of the Artist Book Collection at Paper Machine, 6330 St. Claude. It's a wonderful collection of rare and gorgeous books that opens to the public May 19 from 1-3:30. 

American Routes Shortcuts: Charles Neville

May 11, 2018
Charles Neville
American Routes

We’ve been celebrating the music of the Neville Brothers and the life of the late saxophonist Charles Neville. Charles was a transcendent person, living many lives during his six decades of playing music as a member of one of New Orleans most revered musical families, the Neville Brothers. Early on, Charles was in a traveling band with the Rabbit Foot Minstrels, later played the French Quarter clubs.

Jared Ragland

This week on Inside the Arts, conversation with acclaimed fine art photographer and former White House photo editor Jared Ragland.  His photo exhibit, Everything is Going to Be All Right, a meditation on writer Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer, opens at The Front Gallery in the St. Claude Arts District.

Airs Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m., Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 8:45 a.m.

This week on Inside the Arts, we climb aboard the miniature train in City Park for a Musical History Tour.

This week on The Reading Life: Jon Michael Varese, whose gorgeous debut novel is “The Spirit Photographer," and Renee Hodges, author of “Saving Bobby: Heroes and Heroin in One Small Community.”