Storyville: Voices From The University Of New Orleans

Storyville is a new collaboration between of the University of New Orleans and WWNO.

These are true stories about New Orleans written by the students in the University’s Creative Writing Workshop — our next generation of writers. The stories are as diverse, original and colorful as the city itself. The subjects range from bicycling in New Orleans in the 1880s to Hubig’s pies to teaching high school in the city to the original Storyville neighborhood. The scope is limitless. Expect to be surprised, delighted, moved and entertained.

The stories are read by the students themselves. You can hear the stories here as podcasts, as well as read the entire script and learn about the students themselves. You will also hear the stories on the air.

From the moment you hear Irvin Mayfield play the spirited theme he composed especially for Storyville, you know you’re someplace special.

Welcome to Storyville.

Richard Goodman, Creative Director


1:35 pm
Wed September 25, 2013

Storyville: The District

"Down the Line", a postcard showing Basin Street in 1908. The rail lines transported visitors into the heart of The District.

Storyville. What strikes me most when I hear the word or see it emblazoned across the chest of a baby romper is how weird New Orleans is. We have embraced the memory of a red light district that closed its green shutters almost a century ago as a source of pride. We’re nostalgic over prostitution. Maybe that shouldn’t surprise me, considering this city’s often-exuberant relationship with its own debauchery. But the way our city gleefully remembers Storyville has always sat strangely with me.

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9:13 am
Thu September 19, 2013

UNO’s Creative Writing Workshop And WWNO Launch ‘Storyville’

The Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans and WWNO are launching a new collaboration called Storyville, which will bring true stories about New Orleans to listeners of public radio.

Select nonfiction stories, written and read by UNO students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, will be broadcast on WWNO and available for listening through podcasts archived on our website. Full scripts of the stories and author biographies will also be posted online.

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