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Notes from New Orleans is a weekly peek inside the life and culture of the Crescent City. Sharon Litwin, president and co-founder of, covers all aspects of the unique and vibrant contributions of this creative society.

From established and emerging visual artists to the new breed of young entrepreneurs; from extraordinary musicians to world class performing artists; from Mardi Gras Indians to pop up restaurants — whether it’s going on Uptown, Downtown or Back of Town, their stories are sure to show up on Notes from New Orleans.



5:00 am
Mon April 8, 2013

NOLA Gives you Wings

Sharon Litwin, Renee Peck and Laine Kaplan-Levenson outside Bayou Hot Wings on Claiborne Ave.
Nina Feldman

While New Orleans is famous for an exhaustive list of culinary delights, a group of adventurous foodies wonders why chicken wings, the classic game-day favorites, don't often make the cut.

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Notes from New Orleans
1:48 pm
Thu April 4, 2013

John Besh Brings It On Home

Chef John Besh decided to film an entire season of programs at his home on the North Shore.
Credit Mark Hill/CNN

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New Orleans chef John Besh's new cooking series premieres this week on PBS affiliates around the country. Besh is not only the owner of nine acclaimed restaurants and author of two award-winning cookbooks, but also a devoted husband and father of four young sons.

On this week's Notes from New Orleans, Sharon Litwin talks with John about how he manages to control all of his life's moving parts.

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5:01 am
Mon March 25, 2013

A Food Stylist Goes to Hollywood

Brian Friedman chats with Kendall Gensler, a New Orleanian who’s become the go-to woman in her field of food styling, on the third installment of Take Five, a look inside the growing local film industry through the eyes of those who are shaping it.

Gensler has some of the biggest names in Hollywood licking their lips in excitement… or at least, pretending to. To read more from Brian Friedman, visit

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9:54 am
Mon March 18, 2013

Cabbage Injuries Have Nothing To Do With Makin' Groceries

A rider tosses a cabbage during St. Patrick's Day festivities.

New Orleans prides itself on being different from the rest of the nation. Our food‘s different, our music’s different... even our humidity is different.  

On top of 'dat, we tend to talk different, too. On today's Love NOLA, Brett Will Taylor weighs in on the New Orleans vernacular and suggests that, maybe, the way we talk reflects nothing more than the love for our city, and the secret code that goes with it.

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5:00 am
Mon March 4, 2013

NOLA + Rhetorical Comments = (Over)Sharing

In many places, the phrase "rhetorical comment" refers to a statement that is not intended to elicit a response. But, of course, New Orleans is not like most places, and New Orleanians are not like most people.

On today's Love NOLA, Brett Will Taylor notes how the rhetorical comments thrown around this city are often seen as invitations to share opinions, stories and, maybe, salvation.

Hear Brett Will Taylor talk the talk on the local reaction towards rhetorical comments.

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Notes from New Orleans
1:26 pm
Thu February 28, 2013

Executive Director of New Orleans Public Library Celebrates 1st Anniversary in City

The Milton H. Latter Memorial Branch Library, located at 5120 St. Charles Avenue.

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Whether you remember the original movie presentation of The Music Man from 1962, or the made-for-television version from 2003, you no doubt carry with you the images of Marian the Librarian.

On this week's Notes from New Orleans, Sharon Litwin reports that Marian wouldn't recognize today's libraries.

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5:00 am
Mon February 25, 2013

Spring Has (Already?) Sprung

Crane fly.

Looking around New Orleans after Mardi Gras has officially been swept from the streets, it's hard to miss the early signs of spring. But the calendar still says February, and these signs may feel a bit premature to some New Orleanians. An acknowledgement that winter (brief as it always is down here) just might be gone completely, means that summer can't be far off.

Listen here for Brett Will Taylor's insights on the signs... and insects... of an early spring:

Hear Brett Will Taylor on the blessing and curse that is an early Spring.

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Notes from New Orleans
7:48 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

"Late Night" in New Orleans Takes on New Meaning

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If you've ever watched any late-night television, you probably know that Jay Leno's program broadcasts from Los Angeles and that David Letterman records his show from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. And while those empires of late-night are indeed thousands of miles away, the opportunity to attend a talk show is closer than you might expect.

On this week's Notes from New Orleans, Sharon Litwin speaks with the ukele-playing musical host and producer of the Crescent City's own Goodnight Show.

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Take Five
5:00 am
Mon February 18, 2013

From Food to Film: The Brennans Take (Southern) Hollywood

Second Line Stages, located at 800 Richard St.

On this week's edition of Take Five, a quick look inside the growing local film industry through those who are shaping it, we hear from a local restaurant extraordinaire who's just taken on a new endeavor with Hollywood South.

To read more from Brian Friedman, visit

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Notes from New Orleans
5:00 am
Thu February 7, 2013

Friends & Family at the Core of St. Cecilia Society

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New Orleanians have an endless number of ways to celebrate Mardi Gras. Whether it's riding in a Super Krewe, marching in a street parade, or costuming in the Quarter, everyone seems to find their own way of bringing this unique holiday to life. And even with the million dollar floats and thousands of masked riders, there's still a way for small groups to do their own their own thing.

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