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(Markets Edition) The Fed didn't raise interest rates at its meeting yesterday, but it looks like it just might in December. But is that the best choice given the series of natural disasters that have been hitting the western hemisphere lately? Diane Swonk from DS Economics shares her thoughts with us. Afterwards, we'll look at whether the Fed will take any enforcement action against Wells Fargo following the bank's fake accounts scandal.

If people are more worried about living in places with a high risk of flooding, hurricanes and wildfires, it hasn’t shown up in home prices.

During the housing recovery of the last five years, median home prices have risen 65 percent in areas with the biggest risk of natural disaster, compared to 45 percent overall, according to the 2017 Natural Hazard Housing Risk Index from ATTOM Data Solutions.

Mobile merger greenlight more likely now

8 hours ago

Sprint and T-Mobile have tried to merge before, but federal regulators nixed the plan. The business climate under Trump may smooth the way for a deal.

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09/21/2017: The SEC has also been hacked

9 hours ago

(U.S. Edition) Yet another cyber breach has been disclosed. The Securities and Exchange Commission has revealed that hackers got into one of its computer systems last year. We'll look at how they could have used the information they accessed to make illegal stock trades. Afterwards, we'll discuss a possible merger between T-Mobile and its rival Sprint, and then talk about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political comeback. 

SEC reveals 2016 hack that breached its filing system

9 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — The Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that a cyber breach of a filing system it uses may have provided the basis for some illegal trading in 2016.

In a statement posted on the SEC's website, Chairman Jay Clayton said a review of the agency's cybersecurity risk profile determined that the previously detected  "incident'' was caused by "a software vulnerability'' in its EDGAR filing system.

As the demand for online retail grows, so do warehouse and fulfillment centers. But most of us who order stuff online don’t actually know what goes into getting a product off a shelf, into a box and to our door. On today’s episode of Marketplace Tech, we follow Veronica Mena, a warehouse supervisor for the online store Boxed to see what goes into packing your shipments of bulk toilet paper and how automation is changing the industry.

09/21/2017: How HTC can benefit from Google deal

10 hours ago

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... A deal between HTC and Google might help the U.S. tech giant compete better against its rival Apple in the smartphone market. But we’ll tell you why the agreement is not all downside for the Taiwanese company. Afterwards, we’ll report on why the Dutch economy is growing at its fastest clip in a decade despite a lack of government. Then, we’ll take you to India where Mother Teresa’s charity has trademarked her iconic sari to prevent her reputation from being exploited.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel — if the opinion polls are to be believed — is on course for an easy win in her country’s general election on Sunday. Merkel has made an extraordinary political comeback. A year ago, she was on the ropes. Her approval rating had plummeted in the aftermath of her decision, in 2015, to open the door to more than a million Syrian refugees and other migrants. But, on the eve of the election, many of her supporters appear to have forgiven her. 

Maura Judkis of The Washington Post spent a week buying every pumpkin spice product she saw: yogurt, cookies, pasta sauce — the basics. But also candles, deodorant, and pumpkin printed paper towels. Judkis wrote about the experience and joined Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal to discuss her piece.

Puerto Rico debt problems confound hurricane recovery

22 hours ago

How do you get an already beaten-down economy back up and running when there's literally no electricity? By mid-day Wednesday the entire island of Puerto Rico was without power in the wake of Hurricane Maria. There's massive flooding and damage to buildings, public infrastructure and the power grid. And the ramifications are going to play out over the long economic term.

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