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Annie Baxter

Starbucks is making some big changes to its dress code. Workers will now be allowed to branch out beyond the black-and-white color palette for shirts, to more exotic colors like gray, navy and brown. 

The company's "Lookbook” also now permits attire such as shorts, dresses and even beanies, along with more expressive hair colors. 

Family businesses and family drama

9 hours ago
Sabri Ben-Achour

The problem with family businesses is that they’re businesses run by families. The most notable current example is the family drama around media mogul Sumner Redstone. The 93-year-old patriarch sits atop a media empire stretching from MTV to CBS, and is embroiled in lawsuits and family infighting centered around, ultimately, who will control that empire and that wealth. 

Housing held back by too few new homes

9 hours ago
Mitchell Hartman

A lot is going right in the U.S. housing market right now: Mortgage rates are low, job creation is strong, unemployment is low. And there is a lot of pent-up market demand: from older homeowners ready to downsize, and younger consumers facing ever-higher rents now ready to buy a home for the first time. Moreover, increasing numbers of homeowners who were stuck in their homes because their mortgages were underwater after the housing crash have now returned to positive equity and can afford to sell.

Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, July 26, 2016

9 hours ago

On today's show, we'll talk about Apple's anticipated earnings report; the possibility that Russia may have been behind the hack on the Democratic National Committee; and a rise in the number of young travelers. 


On today's show, we'll talk about Hillary Clinton's positions on economic issues such as trade; Ireland's meeting with Great Britain over border controls; and the drama associated with family businesses.

Starbucks loosens up its dress code

20 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal

Changes are coming to your local Starbucks.

The company's out with a new dress code. There's an official lookbook and everything, in which we learn hair coloring is now OK, fedoras are fine but not bucket hats with patterns, slouchy ski caps yes — but not if they have a pompom.

Shorts work, but not leather pants.

Socks with a pop of color are fine, but not if they distract from your outfit.

What would replace the WTO if Trump got rid of it?

23 hours ago
Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Donald Trump is making more news on the trade front. On "Meet the Press," he threatened to pull the U.S. out of the World Trade Organization. 

There’s a problem with that. The WTO is the place the U.S. goes to block unfair trade practices, like the ones Trump complains about. 

On "Meet the Press," Trump called the WTO a "disaster.” But it turns out, the U.S. has had pretty good luck using the WTO to block China. 

Tony Wagner

It's been seven years since the federal minimum wage went up to $7.25, but in that time minimum wage earners have lost 10 percent of buying power to inflation, the Economic Policy Institute noted today.

After Brexit vote, luring London businesses to Berlin

Jul 25, 2016
Lizzie O'Leary

Not long after the Brexit vote, a truck with a billboard on its side started driving around London, with the message: Dear Startups, Keep Calm and Move to Berlin. It was sponsored by a German political party trying to get companies based in the U.K. to shift their operations to Germany. The big question now is, will they?

Germany, and to some extent France, are trying to pull off what you might call "economic land grabs" — wooing companies, and people, who would otherwise have been based in Britain.

Marketplace for Monday, July 25, 2016

Jul 25, 2016
Lizzie O'Leary

A farewell to Yahoo as we knew it; the latest installment of "I've Always Wondered..." looking into how authors make money off library books; and Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary reports from Germany on the push to bring businesses based in the UK to Germany.