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I visited a detention center called Casa Padre in Brownsville, Texas that used to be a Walmart. It’s run by a nonprofit, Southwest Key, and it’s currently housing about 1,500 children who were detained at the Texas/Mexico border. Some of those children were separated from their parents when border protection officials captured them.

A study of public housing facilities in New York City found that those managed by private developers had higher tenant satisfaction compared to others managed by the public housing authority. But it also found that tenant turnover is higher in the privately managed buildings.

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Why trade uncertainty may not be a big factor in Mexico's general election

3 hours ago

Mexico will hold its general election next month. On the line are hundreds of positions in the country's Congress as well as the presidency.

While the Trump administration's tariffs are "not really an electoral deal as such," economic change is on the minds of people, according to former Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs Jorge Castañeda. 

(U.S. Edition) If China decides to fight back against the Trump administration's $50 billion tariffs, the president is threatening to up that to another $200 billion in goods. We'll look at the countermeasures China might put in place, and what this conflict means for U.S. businesses that operate there.

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … There are more tariff threats against China from the White House, so are we in a trade war yet? And what needs to happen to de-escalate the growing tensions between the two nations? Then, shares of the Hong Kong–listed Chinese telecom ZTE plunged more than 20 percent to a two-year low. It wasn’t President Trump, but the U.S. Congress that sparked fresh concerns. Afterwards, growing alongside the rise of online sales is the rise of fake reviews.

Courting foreign investors in the age of Trump

15 hours ago

Thousands of foreign investors are about to descend on a conference center in suburban Maryland for the fifth annual SelectUSA Investment Summit. Beginning Wednesday, they will spend three days being wooed by states and cities looking to get their investment dollars. Foreign investment in the United States hit $3.7 trillion in 2016, the last year for which there is government data.

Comcast, Disney in Fox chase

16 hours ago

A federal court’s historic decision to let AT&T and Time Warner merge has unleashed other deal talks among giant companies. Just a day after the decision, Comcast renewed its bid for 21st Century Fox assets — a $65 billion offer. Compare that to Disney’s bid of $52.4 billion. Fox now has two eager suitors – both legacy media companies vying for another legacy media company’s assets – all against the backdrop of Netflix and the age of streaming.

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The United States has imposed tariffs on products from China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union, and retaliatory duties are on the way. What will be the overall economic effect of these trade disputes? One way to gauge that is by looking to the futures market.

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