Zurich Classic Marks 100th Anniversary With Some Vintage Gear

Apr 26, 2012

Seven of the top golfers competing at the Zurich Classic donned some vintage gear this week to mark the contest’s 100thanniversary. 

Clothing manufacturers worked with the golf Hall of Fame to design outfits from a century past. Modern clubs were replaced with those with hickory shafts and feather-weighted balls. Here’s what Keegan Bradley, Graeme McDowell and Camilo Villegas had to say:

“Yeah. How’s that feel? A little weird…The golf balls are surprisingly good actually. They’re actually flying through the wind pretty well….The hickory shafts are obviously quite soft. You’ve just got to wait on them a little bit and you can’t really put the same amount of pressure as you would on the shafts that we’re normally used to playing…It is fun. It is fun to mix it a little bit, go back in the day and see how those legends used to do it…..”

The Zurich Classic runs through Sunday at T-P-C Louisiana in Avondale. Pictures of the golfers in vintage gear are online at W-W-N-O-dot-org.