WRKF Lets Me Tell More of the Story

Mar 31, 2014

Sue Lincoln has spent much of the last two decades as a reporter for radio and television. And she's put in many hours covering the capitol. 

Her expertise covering the statehouse makes her a valuable asset to WRKF and our listeners during the legislative session. 

"It’s often said that Louisiana has two sports: football and politics. And we watch both avidly," Sue says. "Louisiana’s politics are known to be different, wonky, if you will, to the rest of the U.S. But they’re endlessly fascinating."

For Sue, public radio affords a greater opportunity to serve listeners when it comes to news they can take to the voting booth.

"The advantage of working in public radio, like here at WRKF, is we have the ability and we have the freedom and the time to tell more of the story, and therefore present our listeners with a more complete picture of what is happening," she says.

Support from our members is what keeps Sue in the statehouse every day during the legislative session, bringing you valuable news and insight. 

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