World War Two Veteran Has New Home In Lower Ninth Ward

New Orleans, LA – Eighty-eight-year-old Robert Christy had lived in his house on North Prieur Street since the 1950s. He is a World War Two veteran and retired Postal worker. But he lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. He was unable to attend the dedication ceremony on the anniversary of the storm, but his granddaughter and friend were there to celebrate with volunteers and others who built the house.
Shelita Robinson says she can't wait for her grandfather to be home again.
"This is a blessing for my grandfather. Eighty-eight years old going in a spank brand new house. He ain't gonna have no trouble. He ain't gonna have to do nothing but roll over cause I'm going to be here to feed him his breakfast, lunch and dinner."
Willard Anderson says his friend has been staying all these years in Baton Rouge. And he's anxious to come home.
"He just talks about it all the time. And he wanted to be in it so bad. That's one person who wanted to get back home."
He suffered injuries in a fall and was unable to attend the celebration. But Christy is expected to be home soon.
His new house is 1,000 square feet, elevated about four feet, has two bedrooms, and plenty of room for a new garden.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.