What's Your Saints Playlist? Share It With Us

Aug 5, 2014

Twitter user @hungrytermite has just one thing to say to WWNO listeners...
Credit @hungrytermite / Twitter

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It's just about that time: New Orleans is getting ready for yet another historic Super Bowl victory.

All we need to do is win all these games first. No problem.

Nothing helps a New Orleanian get through her gamedays (and nights) better than some context-appropriate jams, from the coin toss to the locker room interviews. I want to know how you get up, get down, rock on and out, jam and slam, boogie and jive, or just politely tap your toe as the Boys in Black and Gold battle their way through friend and foe on their way to the Super Bo(wl).

I've broken it out in the most scientifically-appropriate, rational schema possible for the explanation of the full range of human emotion: football quarters. So send me your music choices for each and I'll collect them here (and maybe play them on the radio):

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Pregame: Getting fired up. Drinking beers around the grill or waiting on line for your Popeyes. What are you listening to?


First Quarter: First touchdown! Stand Up and Get — cut off. Nobody wants to hear that song ever again. What else gets you riled up?


Second Quarter: Alright, we’re doing this, time to get another beer. Ups and downs and TWO MINUTE WARNING. Okay, time to mess around; it’s halftime.

Third Quarter: Uh oh, what’s going on? Our boys are looking a little shaky out there. Time to get out the voodoo dolls and black-and-gold wigs. And listen to...?

Fourth Quarter: Okay, it’s the fourth quarter now… and the Saints are rolling to yet another blowout. Take a knee. We’re done here. Black and Gold to the Superbowl.