What will winter bring?

New Orleans, LA – Just as we're recovering from the relentless heat of summer, now we can turn our attention to the question, "What will winter bring?" Yes, we should enjoy the relative comfort of here and now, but what's around the corner? Try this: If you're at the Covington Farmers Market, for instance, strike up a conversation with Jubilee Farms or Taylor's Happy Oaks. Both can provide insight about winter that we as shoppers may not notice. According to Folsom's Jim Core, the tell-tale signs of a strong, cold winter can be found on the weight of the winter coat on his animals. He says it's just coming on his horses. I bet Jubilee Farms' herd of sheep may tell the same story. In other words, you may not need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows when you've got a farmers market. To find one near you, visit WWNO.org.