What To Eat At Jazz Fest If You Stayed Up Too Late

Apr 27, 2013

As Jazz Fest enters its second day, folks may be waking up this morning a bit haggard from yesterday’s festivities. For those battling the brown bottle blues, fear not: there may be help for you at the Fair Grounds.

Poppy Tooker, host of Louisiana Eats!, says first you’ll need to visit Ms. Linda’s Ya Ka Mein stand, right near the Congo Square Stage.

"The recipe that she uses in her yaka mein is a tradition in the second line African-American community that has gone on for generations," Tooker explains. "And ya ka mein has a second name, which is 'old sober,' because it is said to cure your hangover or sober you up before you go home."

Tooker says she hasn't need to take advantage of that particular remedy herself.

"When I’m on the Fair Grounds and I’m hot and I’m hungry, nothing beats one of Ms. Linda Green’s fried pork chop sandwiches," she continued, "because your dentist will want you to know that it is a bone-in fried pork chop, between those two squishy pieces of white bread and I like mine with a little mayonnaise and hot sauce."

Happy Jazz Fest eating!