Weather Delays Removal Of Blowout Preventer at BP's Well

New Orleans, La. – The government had planned to start removing the blowout preventer and capping stack on the well this week. But National Incident Commander Thad Allen says he doesn't want the equipment damaged as it's lifted off the well and hauled to the surface.

"We should have been ready to go right after Labor Day, but obviously this will move that. And I would think right now it is reasonable we're looking at a two- to three-day delay. But if for some reason the weather lays down we will go immediately."

Also standing by is a team of investigators to make sure the equipment is protected for examinations. The Department of Justice is in charge of preserving the equipment that's been subpoenaed to determine what caused the well explosion that triggered the oil spill.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.