New Orleans, LA – I've worked with farmers and fishermen for nearly two decades. In this time, I have heard more about water than maybe any other subject. For farmers, if it's not too much water, it's too little. For fishers, they need the right kind of water. In Mid-May, as river waters rise to historic levels, I notice how Market talk once again turns to the issue of water management. Will the Bonnet Carr opening disrupt the 2011 brown shrimp season? Will Morganza mean that wild catfish and crabs will elude dinner plates? Moreover, who wins out? Houses or farms? Bayous or neighborhoods? With talk of water everywhere, don't miss the chance to speak with food experts who sell at markets. After all, their livelihood is defined by where the water meets the land, and as a result, so is ours. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.