WATCH: Marketplace Host Kai Ryssdal's Visit To New Orleans

Jun 4, 2014

Credit Fat Happy Media

Kai Ryssdal, the Host and Senior Editor of Marketplace — the national business show airing weekdays at 6 p.m. on WWNO — flew in for just one day for a special event at Le Petit Théâtre on May 29.

After a quick meet-and-greet with some of the station’s major donors, Kai sat down with WWNO News Director Eve Troeh for an interview in front of a packed house, and then answered questions from the audience.

“Every word that comes out of my mouth, I write. And, sometimes, I amuse myself,” Kai said, when asked about his signature smile that you can hear on the radio. "Here's the deal: If you can't have a good time while hosting Marketplace, you're doomed."

He visit was fast, but more than that, it was fun. We have the video here — see for yourself.

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