Voodoo Music Festival Sold to SFX Entertainment

Feb 2, 2013

The Voodoo Music Experience has been bought by SFX Entertainment, a New York-based producer and promoter of concerts and other live entertainment, according to an article on Billboard Magazine's website.

Though SFX — a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications — has recently been acquiring dance music properties, Robert F.X. Sillerman, the company's president, told Billboard the mutli-genre Voodoo festival is a great fit for them.

"They're not specifically EDM, but they're great festivals," says Sillerman. "Voodoo has been operated on as a sole practitioner on relatively small level, and we think it has upside not just in New Orleans but elsewhere. It's a fabulous name, amongst other things, so we think we'll be able to help Steve [Rehage], the owner and operator, take that to other markets."

This year's Voodoo Experience will take place Nov. 1-3, 2013, in City Park.