Veterans Job Fair, Business 'Boot Camp' Tomorrow and Friday At World War II Museum

Apr 10, 2013

A jobs fair and business advice are on tap tomorrow and Friday for veterans. Social events are also planned at the World War II Museum.

Bill Ryan says he and other business representatives planned events to help veterans reach professional goals.

“The criteria was that the businesses coming to the jobs fair — which are over 40 now — actually had to be looking to hire people.” 

Seven veteran services groups will also be on hand. Ryan says the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghan vets can be over 20 percent. Some participants are now in active service, but will attend the jobs fair because of pending cutbacks. On Friday, organizers planned what they’re calling a type of business boot camp.

“We have several companies that are really digital oriented. As you know, Louisiana has a really interesting digital media tax-credit program and so on. We’re hooked up with some people from the Idea Village to show veterans how they can become entrepreneurs and so on. And we’re doing that in conjunction with LSU. It is affiliated with 13 other universities in the United States.”   

He says receptions are planned to honor those wounded in service.

“There’ll be a lot of older veterans, younger veterans, and it’s really to create a camaraderie to help the younger people integrate back into not only the job market but back into society.” 

The jobs fair, business boot camp and some social events are planned to be held in the World War II Museum. No pre-registration is required.