Vessels Heading Back To Resume Relief Well Operations

New Orleans, La. – Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says the intricate process of reassembling the drilling operation in the Gulf is now underway. He says ships have their own schedules for getting away from a storm, and coming back on line.

"Each vessel has its own threshold based on the number of people that are on board, the speed of advance and what they have to do to prepare to leave. It actually becomes a call with the local company and the people that are in charge of those vessels because safety of personnel is paramount. And so we're going to be playing cat-and-mouse game for the remainder of the hurricane season."

Weather forecasts call for storm conditions to push oil onto some beaches while pulling it away from others. Choppy seas could also help spread the oil slick and break up tar balls.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans