'Veronica Mars' Fans Set A Kickstarter Record

Mar 14, 2013
Originally published on March 14, 2013 8:34 am



And today's last word in business is: Life on Mars.

The TV show "Veronica Mars" starred Kristen Bell as a teenage detective. Critics loved it. It gained a lot of devoted fans, but the show was canceled in 2007 after three seasons.


Yesterday, the show's creator took to Kickstarter to raise money to make a movie version of the show. And in less than 12 hours, those devoted fans pledged more than $2 million, smashing the site's records along the way.

INSKEEP: So now, as from NPR's Carl Kassel, the film stars will record thank you messages for some of the backers' answering machines or voicemail.

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