Valentine's Flowers from Farmers Markets

New Orleans, LA –

Why not express your love for the Grow Dat Nation this Valentine's Day by purchasing freshly picked iris and tulip flowers for your beloved at our region's farmers markets? Covington, Slidell, Gretna, or here in New Orleans. Flowering bulbs can be a challenge in our subtropical climate. How often do best intentions wind up as dwarf plants or decaying bulbs? While most Louisiana farmers bemoan the difficulties winter has wrought this year, one consolation might be our winter bulbs. They have received the unusually generous chilling hours they demand. Just ask Holden Circle farmer Lucy Capdeboscq. If her winter escarole has been puckering its way through January, meanwhile her bulb flowers are thriving. Nothing says I love you like freshly grown, local winter flowers. For more info, log onto

For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.