TUESDAY: LPB CEO & Pres. Beth Courtney; Elliott Stonecipher; and Theatre Baton Rouge's Jenny Ballard

Jul 15, 2014

LPB President and CEO Beth Courtney joins Jim as the day's first guest to discuss the documentary Breaking Away. Airing tonight on LPB, Breaking Away asks the question: would the breakaway city of St. George quash Baton Rouge's school desegregation process? It airs tonight on LPB at 10pm after the Frontline special Separate and Unequal.

Political pollster and analyst Elliott Stonecipher talks with Jim about Sen. Mary Landrieu and the Landrieu Dynasty in Louisiana; as well as Paul Hollis dropping out of the Senate race and what it means for the remaining candidates.

Also, newly appointed managing Artistic Director for Theatre Baton Rouge, Jenny Ballard joins Jim in the studio to close out the day's show. She discusses her new role at Theatre Baton Rouge; her new plans for the theatre; upcoming shows to attend; and how excited she is about the artistic talent available in the city and state. 

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