Tropical Storm Delays BP Plan To Kill Blown-out Well

New Orleans, La. – BP Vice President Kent Wells says weather is adding six to 12 days to permanently killing the damaged well. Vessels connected to mile-long pipes need the most time to take apart. Drilling rigs can handle the roughest weather and would be among the last to leave. Wells says the company still wants at some point to pump mud down the containment cap to plug the well ahead of the kill at the source. Wells says Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen has given clearance for BP to continue planning the so-called static kill.

"What he's actually authorized us to do is to go ahead and prepare to do it. But before we start the actual execution of it, we're going to go back one more time and say now we're ready to go."

Allen is allowing the cap to remain closed if the site is abandoned.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.