Town Of Jean Lafitte Honoring Its Namesake And Community

Jun 27, 2014

The Town of Jean Lafitte is unveiling an official state historical marker Saturday.

Local officials are proud of the community named after the smuggler who became a military hero in the war of 1812.

Say what you will about Jean Lafitte — smuggler, pirate, scoundrel — but his name still draws a crowd. There’s the bar in the French Quarter, and the Jefferson Parish town with his name.

Leighton Ciravolo of the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission has no worries about the state marker issued to Lafitte.

“Technically the marker is commemorating the town of Jean Lafitte, not Jean Lafitte personally," he said. "I mean, obviously Jean Lafitte is very much associated with that area because he smuggled a whole bunch of goods up and down that area. But I’m sure they have scoundrels all over the United States. I don’t think we have a monopoly on scoundrels down here.”   

Ciravolo says he hopes tourists visiting Jean Lafitte will enjoy the attractions in the area while they learn about the character looming over the town named in his honor.