Top Stories:" Ex-Murdoch Official Charged In Hacking Scandal; Facebook Boosts IPO

May 15, 2012

Good morning - if it's Tuesday, somebody somewhere is voting. Here are some stories we're following:

Former Murdoch Editor Facing Criminal Charges In Hacking Scandal.

Facebook Ups Its Forecast: Says Shares Will Sell For $34 To $38.

Gen. John Allen Expected To Leave Afghan Command, Take Over U.S. European Command By Next Year. (Washington Post)

Francois Hollande Takes Oath Of Office As France's New President. (Euronews)

Primary Elections Held Today In Nebraska And Oregon. (UPI)

Greek Leftist Politicians To Reject Greek President's Plan To Form A 'Technocrat' Government; May Force New Election. (Reuters)

John Edwards' Eldest Daughter Expected To Testify At His Corruption Trial Today. (CBS)

Reports: A Man Sets Himself Afire Outside Trial Of Norwegian Mass Shooter. (Sky News)

U.S. Astronaut And Two Russian Cosmonauts Blast Off, Head For International Space Station. (MSNBC)

Tropical Storm Aletta Forms In Pacific Off Mexico's Southwestern Coast. (NHC)

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