Tom McDermott's Memory Piano

Jun 13, 2013

Credit Gregg Goldman

The day we visited Tom McDermott's home, the sound of James Booker's "Classified" greeted us. It was a sweet gesture: walking into a man's home to the sound of your radio show's theme music.

McDermott knows how to communicate with a piano.

Blame it on Rio... and ragtime. McDermott has a piano playing style that smacks of sweet melodies, savory harmonies, and spicy Brazilian rhythm. And he serves up all three this hour. Pull up a chair, and enjoy.


Here's a really wonderful video Jason Rhein shot of Tom McDermott, playing "Casa Denise."


Quite a bit of the music in this week's show is available for you to stream to your desktop or mobile device. Or, you can download [.pdf] the complete playlist here and take it with you to your local record store. 

Visit the Music Inside Out website for more on Tom McDermott, and archives of past shows.