Today On — A Nuclear Mishap, The Last VW Bus And A History Of Bagels And Lox

Sep 24, 2013

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Document Sheds New Light On The Time The U.S. Almost Nuked Itself — "One simple, dynamo-technology, low voltage switch stood between the United States and a major catastrophe." That is the blunt 1969 assessment of the then supervisor of the nuclear weapons safety department at Sandia National Laboratories, in a newly declassified document that sheds light on a 1961 accident in which the United States almost nuked North Carolina.

No Way, Man! Last VW Bus To Soon Roll Off Assembly Line — The last Volkswagen "hippie bus" is due to roll off an an assembly line in Brazil on Dec. 31. It seems the van that became known as the transportation of choice for counter-culture folks in the '60s can't be made with the air bags and other safety equipment that "the man" wants it to have.

No Schmear Job: A Brief History Of Bagels And Lox — There's a certain kind of joy in breaking the overnight fast by biting into a bagel: crackling crust, chewy center, smooth and silky cream cheese, sharp smoked salmon. For some, capers and onions join the ritual. But just who invented this breakfast staple, which has become as American as apple pie?

?uestlove And Elvis Costello On Writing Together — Since NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon launched in 2009, Elvis Costello has been a frequent guest. There, Costello got to work with the show's in-house band, The Roots, and he struck up a professional relationship with its leader, Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson.