Today On — A New Charlie Parker Biography, Student Loan Changes And Biosphere 2

Sep 29, 2013

Some great local and national stories you may have missed on

What Lessons Came Out Of Biosphere 2? — Sustainability consultant Jane Poynter tells her story of living two years and 20 minutes in Biosphere 2, a hermetically sealed environment in Arizona. The experience provoked her to explore how we might sustain life in the harshest of conditions.

Sax, Drugs And Jazz: Charlie Parker's 'Lightning'-Fast Rise — Parker was a genius who lived fast and died young, revolutionizing an art form in a few short years. He funneled the blues, ragtime and hot jazz of Louis Armstrong, as well as the classical and pop music strains of Duke Ellington, into a new, artsier form of jazz: bebop, all about rapid-fire flurries of notes and emotions.

What's Lurking In Your Lake? Sonar Turns Up Startling Finds — There's been a number of stories lately about astonishing discoveries by law enforcement using side-scan sonar. What's going on? And if sonar is so effective, why hasn't it been used more often?

Student Loan Changes Squeeze Historically Black Colleges — Stricter lending guidelines for federal school loans have made it harder to borrow money for college. Changes made in 2011 to the PLUS loan program especially have hurt historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, over the past few years.