6:00 am
Wed September 25, 2013

Today On WWNO.org — A French Bread Crisis, Arts In Schools And Farming Sea Urchins

Some great local and national stories you may have missed on WWNO.org:

Got Baguettes? Bakers' Lobby Tells France To Eat More Bread — The French, it seems, aren't eating bread the way they used to. The average French person consumes just half a baguette a day, down from a full baguette 40 years ago. Those statistics worry the French bakers' lobby, the Observatoire du Pain.

Rodrigue Foundation set to create more art-infused schools in Louisiana — The New Orleans-based George Rodrigue Foundation will open a grant application period in November for Louisiana schools that seek to join the A+ Schools Program and infuse the arts into every aspect of their curriculum. Foundation director Jacques Rodrigue spoke with Kate Archer Kent, of Shreveport's Red River Radio.

'Wadjda' Director: 'It Is Time To Open Up' — Wadjda, being touted as the first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia — a country with no movie theaters and a relationship with cinema that's complicated at best — tells the story of a defiant 10-year-old pushing back against the social expectations that define her life as a young Saudi woman.

Raising Tastier Sea Urchins For Foodies And The Environment — Sea urchins are considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world, including Japan and the United States. The market for this "foie gras of the sea" is growing rapidly — so fast that supply can't keep up with demand. But a scientist in Birmingham, Ala. has built a sea urchin farm in his lab and has even developed a food to make them taste better. Now, he wants to take his tasty urchins out of his farm and into restaurants across the country.