Today On — Fall Music, Costa Rican Crocodiles And (Big) Beautiful Bees

Sep 26, 2013

Some great local and national stories you may have missed on

All Songs Considered's Fall Music Preview —All Songs Considered has a massive amount of new music this week, from an incredible list of fall releases, including special premieres from PoliçaSon LuxMount EerieAnna Calvi, Luscious Jackson and more.

Global Love Of Bananas May Be Hurting Costa Rica's Crocodiles — Banana growers use a lot of pesticides — and those chemicals could be hurting wildlife. As a new study shows, the pesticides are ending up in the bodies of crocodiles living near banana farms in Costa Rica, where many of the bananas we eat are grown.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bee-Holder — For a lot of people, the sight of a bee or wasp is enough to elicit some kind of visceral reaction. But a bee at 1:1 magnification becomes something a little more awe-inspiring. "We know the average American reaction to insects," says Sam Droege, head of the U.S. Geological Survey Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab. But, he says, "At this scale, none of them are ugly."

Weekly Innovation: Pampering Your Pooch From Afar — 13-year-old Brooke Martin designed a gadget that attaches to a video-capable tablet or smartphone at a dog's eye level — and also acts as a mini vending machine, dispensing treats with a remote command from the owner. Her Kickstarter project is about one-third funded with five days to go.