Today On — The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Conquering Jellyfish And Dying Drive-Ins

Oct 3, 2013

Some great local and national stories you may have missed on

Gospel's Blind Boys Meet Changing Times With Open Minds — The men behind the new album I'll Find a Way may be in their 70s and 80s today — but they're still The Blind Boys of Alabama.

Safety-net hospitals in Shreveport and Monroe go private — Handshakes, hugs and thank yous marked the Oct. 1 handover of LSU Hospitals in Shreveport and Monroe to the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana or BRF. Under a privatization deal pushed by the Jindal administration, BRF now manages the hospitals with 3,200 employees.

Jellyfish: Are They Taking Over In Sick Oceans? — Lisa-ann Gershwin sees evidence of global warming and human impact on the environment everyday in her work. She is one of a handful of jellyfish experts in the world. Her research shows that a booming jellyfish population is displacing penguins in Antarctica, crashing world fisheries, possibly starving the whales to extinction, gumming up nuclear power plants, even bringing down national economies.

Screens Go Dark At Drive-Ins Across The Country — By the end of 2013, most major film companies will stop offering movies on 35-millimeter film reels. That’s no problem for multiplexes, which can afford digital projectors at about $100,000 each, but most small drive-in theaters are unable to afford the digital transition.