Testing Planned To Make Sure Bottom Kill Doesn't Damage Evidence At Well Site

New Orleans, La. – National Incident Commander Thad Allen says once tropical storms subside at the end of this week, more testing is planned for the plugged up well. Engineers want to make sure it can take another shot of mud and cement pumped through the bottom. Equipment at the seafloor is vital to several top-level investigations into what caused the Deepwater Horizon rig to explode.

"When the blowout preventer is removed, it will be preserved and brought to the surface under the supervision of the Marine Board of Investigation that's been convened by the Department of Interior and Homeland Security in consultation and under the direction as it relates to evidence preservation with the Department of Justice."

Allen says pressure readings taken in a few days will determine how the bottom kill can proceed.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.