A Taste Of Home: Finding Cultural Identity At The Table

May 31, 2014

A nine year old Polish boy shucks oysters in 1911. Of all the things newcomers bring with them to American soil, food offers a direct connection to their homelands.
Credit National Archives and Records Adminstrators\Lewis Hine

Whether they’re short trips across town or long voyages across the oceans, we all take journeys. On this week’s Louisiana Eats! we’ll speak with writers and restaurateurs about their personal quests for cultural identity.

Kim Sunee’s appetites include travel, knowledge and food. Her trip to Korea is one of the main topics she writes about in A Mouthful of Stars, which explores another dimension of Kim’s creativity: her poetry.

We’ll also hear how owning a restaurant helped Fatma and Suleyman Aydin assimilate from their Turkish homeland. Plus, Ann Benoit explicates the four generations of workers she met while writing New Orleans' Best Ethnic Restaurants.

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