Summer Exhibitions at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Aug 6, 2012

White Linen Night may be over for another year, but the new exhibits at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art will be open to the public through the end of September. For more information on the museum, or on any of the exhibits, visit the Ogden’s website.

Louisiana Contemporary, presented by Regions Bank 

Louisiana Contemporary presented by Regions Bank is a statewide, juried exhibition organized by the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Established in 2012, this annual event promotes contemporary art practices in the state of Louisiana, provides exhibition space for the exposition of living artist's work, and engages a contemporary audience that recognizes the vibrant visual culture of Louisiana and the role of New Orleans as a rising, international art market.

On view through September 24, 2012.

New Southern Photography

An overview into some of the most exciting and diverse photographic work coming out of the American South today. This exhibition of recent acquisitions to the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum features the work of both emerging and established photographers including:  Birney Imes, Kathleen Robbins, Bruce West, S. Gayle Stevens, Andrew Garn, Heidi Kirkpatrick, Alex Leme and many more.

On view through September 23, 2012.

Louisiana Photographs from the Ogden Museum Permanent Collection

One hundred years of photographs documenting the ever-changing state of Louisiana. Photographs by E.J. Bellocq, Clarence John Laughlin, Walker Evans, Elemore Morgan Sr., Alec Soth and more.

On view through September 23, 2012.

Historic Louisiana Landscapes and Portraits

In celebration of Louisiana Bicentennial Statehood: A visual chronicle of the history and culture of Louisiana, this exhibition of 18th and 19th century portrait and landscape paintings will be drawn heavily from the Collection of Roger H. Ogden.

The Kohlmeyer Circle Presents: H. Cole Wiley and Lin Emery

Every year on White Linen Night, the Ogden Museum’s Kohlmeyer Circle — a group of young Southern art and culture enthusiasts who support the Ogden’s mission — presents an exhibition driven by technology in some way. This year, the Kohlmeyer Circle presents two artists whose work fulfills this requirement.

The first, H. Cole Wiley, is a young Louisiana artist, whose Riverless Walk incorporates contemporary gaming technology to explore the way in which the viewer interacts with art and technology. The second artist is Lin Emery. Known primarily for her large-scale kinetic sculptures, this installation of her theatrical audio-kinetic work will offer the viewer a deeper insight into her work and process. The Ogden Museum will bestow its prestigious Opus Award on Emery at its annual “O What a Night Gala” in October.

On view through September 23, 2012.


Students from Young Audiences of Louisiana's summer camps will visit the Ogden and spend time learning about the museum's collection of self-taught art. Each site will then complete a project based on an artist from the collection including Rev. Howard Finster style portraits, collaborative memory paintings in the style of Clementine Hunter, and found object sculptures after Thornton Dial.