Sukkot and Farmers Markets

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute Today we are in the midst of the Jewish holiday Sukkot. It is the Jewish harvest festival known for the recognizable sukkah, which is an organic hut. Why not prepare a traditional Jewish chicken soup in honor of our region's harvest. To get things started, consider St. Francisville farmer Adam Aucoin's chicken broth kit. It contains all of the bits and pieces from Adam's free range chickens. It contains the gizzards, necks, etc. In keeping with the Sukkot themes of seasonal renewal, Adam is one of the young farmers (aged 26) who are making their mark at our region's farmers markets. His chickens leave the land on which they roam nicer than they how found it thanks to the use of chicken tractors. These are large, portable cages in which chickens roam safely from foxes. To learn more, log onto wwno dot org. For the WWNO farmers market minute, this is Richard McCarthy.