The Strange World of Alex McMurray

Oct 20, 2016

As noggins in New Orleans go, there is no noggin like that of singer-songwriter Alex McMurray. He’s got more original characters in his head than a Hollywood film library. Why else would McMurray write a song about the man who shot the man who shot Liberty Valance? (Spoiler Alert: John Wayne is in the crosshairs).

McMurray also writes about mad men and aging courtesans and even real-life singer Ernie K-Doe, who was perhaps the most original character of all. In addition to his regular catalog of songs, McMurray returned from a work stint in Japan with a pocketful of original sea shanties that he sometimes performs in New Orleans.

Yes, the lyrics are filthy. Yes, the songs are fun. And yes, he sings one for Music Inside Out. (Another Spoiler Alert: he does a PG-13 version). He’s a salty one. But McMurray also can be sweet.