StoryCorps: Tara Ooms

Dec 2, 2010

Tara Ooms of Covington talks with her father, Kevin Ooms of Cedar Lake, Indiana, about his life as a steel-mill worker and devoted family man. He never got a higher education, but he says his 38 years at the mill as a worker and later in management paid for the education she used to become a veterinarian.

Tara and her sister both followed in their father's footsteps in working a job he once did as a youth. In this conversation recorded April 5th, she talks about his early years, and what he's most enjoyed about his family legacy.

ALSO: In this extended conversation, Tara Ooms wanted to know how her father achieved that happy home life for his family. It wasn't always easy, working odd shifts at a steel mill. But she didn't seem to miss the finer things he says he couldn't provide. She does remember him not being around for all her activities, but she knew she was loved. Here, they talk about how Kevin managed family times around his schedule, and what he's learned about what's truly important.

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