StoryCorps: Peter Seltzer

Oct 21, 2010

Peter Seltzer was working on his new laptop and getting ready for college when he started taking notice of a hurricane called Katrina heading toward New Orleans. He was staying with his parents Uptown when it became clear that it was serious. He and his younger brother Nathan decided to stay in New Orleans while his parents evacuated.

In this April 2 conversation with his friend Sandy Cohen, Peter Seltzer talks about how he came to realize the catastrophe that Katrina unleashed. Here the two also talk about what they learned from surviving the storm.

ALSO: In this extended conversation Peter Seltzer talks about how he decided to stay in New Orleans with his brother Nathan during Hurricane Katrina. Here he tells his friend Sandy Cohen about the moment he understood the danger that Katrina unleashed. He'd seen looting in the French Quarter where he and his brother had ridden out the storm in a hotel, but he wasn't overly concerned until he began seeing floods. Seltzer tells Cohen about the realization of the danger he was facing, and how he helped his family survive.

StoryCorps New Orleans interviews were recorded by StoryCorps, a national project to record and collect stories of everyday people. This excerpt was selected and produced by WWNO producer Eileen Fleming, with support from the WWNO Productions Fund and from Villere & Co., managing the investments of New Orleans' families for almost 100 years. Listen again at or at