Stocking Stuffers at Farmers Markets

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute If you are at the nearly predictable stage of despondent Christmas shopping despair, get local and edible. Here are a few affordable five dollars and under stocking stuffer ideas. Kinder, Louisiana's rice farmer Kurt Unkel now packages his world famous Cajun Grain in two-pound bags. Mississippi Naturals' shiitake mushroom powder. A bag of Meyer lemons. Or here's a cutting edge idea: Purchase a fine paring knife and package it with Market tokens so that they can get the knife sharpened by Arthur the Knife Sharpener. However, don't forget to collect a penny from the recipient. After all, no sense taking chances with old superstitions that involve knives. One shouldn't give knives as gifts. The exchange of a penny nullifies the gift. For more info on this superstition, log onto WWNO dot org. For the farmers market minute, this is Richard McCarthy.